Come visit our teen room- plenty of seating, public computers, outlets and WiFi, books, games, fun programs, air conditioning, and much more. It’s a great place to hang out.

This holiday season, the Teen Room is partnering up with the Lithgow LGBT+ Teen Group and Mindful Queer Collective to collect items for Backpacks for Homeless Youth. There is an epidemic of homelessness among LGBT+ youth here in Maine, and these backpacks of supplies help homeless teens as they reach a housing solution, providing for basic survival needs and helping them stay in school. A full list of needed supplies can be found in the Teen Room and here as a downloadable PDF. Drop off your donations in the Teen Room donation basket or to Julie, the Teen Librarian. You can team up with a group to provide a complete backpack or you can donate whatever separate items you’d like. We will be accepting donations from November 15th through January 3rd.

We are looking for new members for our new Teen Advisory Board, a group that will help the library be a more fun and interesting place for teens. Ideas for new activities, clubs, books, stuff for the teen room- you name it, TAB will be involved! Pick up an information sheet and application in the teen room today (download a printable application here), or visit Julie the Teen Librarian for more details.

upcoming events


  • October 2, 3-5PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • October 3, 3:30PM: Teen Book Group- Open book chat
  • October 4, 4PM: LGBT+ Teen Group
  • October 5, 6PM: How Do Colleges Really Choose Students?- Special presentation in the Community Meeting Room
  • October 12, 3:30: MAKE/ART- String art Come help create a community string art project and make your own to take home
  • October 16, 3-5PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • October 17, 3:30: Teen Advisory Board meeting Fill out your application ahead of time or during the meeting! Applications are available via download or in the teen room.
  • October 18, 4PM: LGBT+ Teen Group
  • October 19, 6:30PM: Beauty School Dropouts- Spooky nail art
  • October 23, 3-5PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • October 24, 3:30PM: Teen Craft- Survival paracord bracelets
  • October 26, 3-4:30PM: Comix Club and Halloween Party! Join us for a special comix-themed Halloween Party.
  • October 30, 3-5PM: Gamers’ Lounge


  • Nov 1, 4PM: LGBT+ Teen Group: SAGE visitor and Rainbow Quest board game
  • Nov 6, 3PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • Nov 7, 3:30: Teen Book Group
  • Nov 9, 3:30: MAKE/ART– Zines
  • Nov 13, 3PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • Nov 14, 3:30: Teen Writers’ Group
  • Nov 15, 4PM: LGBT+ Teen Group: Backpacks for Homeless Youth Kickoff
  • Nov 16, 6:30: Beauty School Dropouts– Braiding
  • Nov 20, 3PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • Nov 21, 3:30: Teen Advisory Board
  • Nov 27, 3PM: Gamers’ Lounge
  • Nov 28, 3:30: Teen Craft– Salt dough ornaments
  • Nov 30, 3PM: COMIX (rescheduled from previous week because of Thanksgiving): Sushi Candy



Mondays, 3-5pm | Teen Gamers’ Lounge: Every Monday from 3-5, bring your friends and get your game on. RPGs, trading cards, handhelds/tablets/phones, online games on our computers- play whatever you’d like in a fun and laid back space. Coming soon: video games!


1st or 2nd Tuesday of the month, 3:30-4:30pm | Teen Book Group: Do you love to read? So do we! Come talk about what you’ve been reading, get some book recommendations, check out what’s new in the collection, have some snacks, and play some games.

LGB+ Teen Group slide with dates and rainbow1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 4 – 5pm | LBGT+ Teen Group: LGBT+ Teen Group is a twice-monthly event hosted by the LGBT+ Teen Group, an opportunity for LGBT+ teens to meet in a safe and fun environment.

2nd Thursday of the month, 3:30-5:30 | MAKE/ART: Join us for a special art project each month that will broaden your skills and horizons. See each month’s event details to know what will be created that month.

3rd Thursday of the month, 6:30-7:30 | Beauty School Dropouts: Join us each month for a fun beauty activity in a supportive and empowering environment. See each month’s event details to know what will be done that month.

4th Tuesday of the month, 3:30-4:30 | Teen Craft: Join us each month for a fun craft activity. See each month’s event details to know what will be made that month.

4th Thursday of the month, 3-4pm | Comix: Anime, Manga, Graphic Novels, and Comics Club: Do you love manga, anime, graphic novels, and comics? Join us every 4th Thursday of the month to do comix-related activities: meet other collectors and enthusiasts, share your recommendations and hear about what others have been reading, watch anime and other related movies and TV shows, and draw and write your own.

3rd Tuesday of the month, 3:30 | ***NEW*** ***TEEN ADVISORY BOARD***: Boss us around and make the library a more fun and interesting place for teens! Work together to advise the teen librarian on new activities and groups, books to add to the collection, and stuff that the teen room needs. If you’re interested in joining, pick up an information sheet and application from the teen room, or talk to Julie the Teen Librarian for more details.


Books recently added to the teen room

To view the graphic novels added to the adult and YA collection in the few months, click here.

To view the YA fiction and nonfiction added to the teen room in the last few months, click here.