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Link to publisher's page on the book Distilled in Maine Tuesday, August 8th @ 6:30 | Author Kate McCarty will discuss her book Distilled in Maine: A History of Libations, Temperance & Craft Spirits – which details the evolution of Maine’s relationship with alcohol – from its earliest access to New England rum, through prohibition and on to contemporary artisanal brewing across the state. Check out the author’s blog at

Science of Parenthood image and link to blogWednesday, August 9th @ 6:30 | Science of Parenthood Live! Get a sitter and join author/blogger Norine Dworkin-McDaniel  in this hilarious presentation based on her book, The Science of Parenthood. Refreshments will be provided.

Wednesday, August 16th @ 6:30 | The Kennebec Historical Society, in partnership with Lithgow Library, will hold their monthly meeting in the Lithgow Community Room. The program will focus on the restoration of The Readfield Union Meeting House in Readfield, Maine.

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Join us on the Lithgow Library lawn around 2:45 for a viewing of the eclipse – in Maine, it will be a partial (60 percent) eclipse, but it’s still worth seeing! We will have a limited supply of eclipse-viewing glasses to give away, or make your own eclipse viewer – instructions here! 

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Take Charge of your career and create an action plan to achieve success.

  • Learn how your current skills connect to future careers.
  • Identify high-growth job fields.
  • Explore education and training options.
  • Strengthen your resume for a targeted job search.

Classes will be held at Lithgow Library Wednesdays, 9:30-Noon from September 20 – October 18. To sign up, contact Sherrie Brann at (207) 621-3436 or – you can also register online at

Join us for upcoming Book Discussion Group meetings. No sign-up required.

  • Book and an Eclipse! Wednesday, August 23rd @ 6:30 | American Eclipse by David Barron – and join us for an all-ages eclipse viewing on the Lithgow lawn on Monday, August 21st around 2:45 pm!